Here is what my clients have experienced after following my transformational career coaching programme

Heloisa Feuser

“I went from having no interviews, to having too many! The only difference was that Rebeca retouched my resume. She didn’t add any set of skills, she simply rephrased my achievements. Rebeca is also a great networker. She knows everybody! And she really cares, she is not just reviewing your resume, she cares about you finding a job. She cares about people!”

Milena Batista

“Rebeca has helped me to brand myself and to present myself better. She gave me confidence to apply for a new job that I was very comfortably postponing. I got the courage to apply for the job and I got the position!”

“I have worked closely with Rebeca. She was my Career Coach for a couple of months. She coached me to undergo interviews, she reviewed my Resume, she helped me phrase formal communications with recruiters and potential employers, among other things. When I met her, I was looking for a job for some months and after a few sessions I’ve got 3 offers, within 2 months. I’ve got a great job and the salary that I wanted. I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her to any job seeker! She is a real pleasure to work with, she quickly reacts to the requests and is well connected. She knows everyone in the business of “finding a new job”. Her coaching was key in helping me to come back to business stronger after my career break.”
Silvina Valle

Head of Group Controlling @ Ascom Switzerland

“Rebeca is top notch career coach with experience in Brazil, US, and Europe. Besides her great knowledge about the job market and the techniques to score the position of your dreams, she has this positive and uplifting attitude that makes job seekers feel more confident and at ease. In just two meetings and a couple of emails exchange, Rebeca guided me on how to better brand myself, feel more confident in terms of salary negotiation, and even how to turn down some offers. Whether you are seeking for that dream job or just looking for a change in your professional life, Rebeca Gelencser will help you get there!”
Renata Barboza

Localization Specialist for Brazil @ Google California

Giovanna Concilio

“If you are looking for a job, you have to have Rebeca’s help, it makes a huge difference and you will definitely be successful”


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