Coaching Programme for Personal Branding & Professional Development

I help service providers build their businesses. I use my own personal experience as a business owner to train them to grow their business. Here is a summary of what to expect if you sign up for this programme:

  • Coaching for brand building and lead generation
  • Content creation support with focus on digital and social media channels
  • Support with copywriting and creative content development to build competitive edge (blogs, webpages, e-books and videos)
  • Support with choice of style and design for visual content
  • Training in Sales & Negotiation in order to attract leads and to close deals
  • Continuous coaching around Networking techniques and Personal Marketing
  • Training in Presentation & Public Speaking techniques to increase sales outcome and to master Promotional Marketing
  • Support with Business Model strategies and Branding techniques.
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Career Coaching Workshops

I offer Career Coaching Workshops in Corporate settings to coach individuals, in different industries, to better their Personal Marketing & Networking techniques.
I offer a wide range of topics and I cover extensive content, here are some examples:
“How to land the job you want”
“How to further develop your career in your current company”
“How to work in tech in Silicon Valley”
“How to get back to work after a career break”
“What skills do you need to become an entrepreneur”
“How to shape a healthy corporate culture”
“How to bridge the gap between corporate cultures after a Merger/Acquisition”
“Communication, Culture and Change Management techniques”
“How to foster growth through diversity in the work place”
“How to implement a continuous state of innovation and openness to change in the workplace”
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Private 1:1 coaching

I offer private coaching to clients who are interested in a more aggressive growth and who want to develop their careers internationally in highly competitive markets.

These spots are limited and a needs assessment will be conducted before we initiate the unlimited coaching journey.

If you want to schedule a needs assessment for a 1 year private coaching, click here!
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