If you are trying to find a job and you have tried to the point of exhaustion, it is time to STOP and try my winning method! I can and I will help you find the job you want in the city where you live. I have worked with hundreds of people in the most competitive job markets of the world, such as Silicon Valley, London and Zurich and have helped my clients land jobs within the shortest periods of time! Generally, my clients are able to find a new job within 3 months only!

I have created a method that has proven to be successful over and over again and have placed people in companies such as: WhatsApp, Apple, Google, GAP, Facebook, Stanford University and many other prestigious institutions. If you are looking for a job and have already wasted months trying to get through the interview process, STOP and ask for help. You can’t do this alone!

There are ways to get into the job market and I can assist you to ensure you get noticed. I will also train you to nail your interviews. My best-selling products are resume elaboration and interview preparation. I will help polish you interviewing techniques and will educate you around what to say and what not to say, how to dress, what questions to ask and how to study for your interviews.

If you are unsure about where to start your job search or if you don’t even know what kind of job you could be a good fit for, join my coaching program and start setting clear career goals for yourself. STOP ignoring your set of skills, your genius, and enjoy a purposeful career now!

Most of the time, setting goals is not the hardest part. The hardest part is achieving them without suffering through a painful never-ending process. If this sounds familiar to you, you could be suffering from self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is what we do to dumb ourselves down because we are not really afraid of failure, we are afraid of success! Big success!

We make ourselves smaller, dumber, we minimize our achievements, we focus on the skills we don’t have and ignore the qualities we do have. Actually, most people don’t even know what they are good at, but they are very aware of their weaknesses. With my program, you will learn to capitalize on your strengths, maximize them and monetize them.


“After I became a mom, I lost my focus and energy to work outside of the home. I really wanted to find a job but for me, the maternity changes were so brutal that I forgot myself and lost my professional ambitions.
So for 3 years I was involved with my daughter, family, house and I started to lose my self-confidence, but when we had the opportunity to move to San Francisco from Sao Paulo, I got very excited and thought that I was going to find a wonderful new job in my field of studies. At the same time, I was afraid and started thinking: “why would anyone hire me? I stopped working for 3 years and my English is not very good, and I need to compete with a lot of Americans”.
I was always fighting against my pessimism. I was feeling depressed and I kept telling myself that this was too hard and that I would never find a job in Silicon Valley.
I then decided to organize my resume and to start looking for a job. This was a horrible experience, no one was getting back to me and it only made me feel more depressed. I was losing the little self-confidence I had left and I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. This was the hardest part of my depression. I was suffering alone and I thought nobody would be able to help me. I had to fight against my negative thoughts every day. It was like having an addiction and needing to control it daily.
So one day, I decided not to listen to my pessimistic self and I started a life changing process. The first step was to talk to Rebeca and during the first conversation that we had, she told me: “Your resume is supposed to show your energy, your confidence should shine through it and to me your CV shows that you don’t believe in yourself so why would anybody give you a chance?”
This was the beginning of my career transformation process, she completely re-organized my resume, encouraged me and connected me with her friends and her friends helped me, even without knowing me personally! They sent my resume to some professors at the University of Stanford.
Not long after, I received an amazing email. One of the professors that received my resume wrote to me and said that my resume was incredible and asked me to go to Stanford for an interview.
And guess what? I got the job! I am a Researcher at Stanford now and believe me, I never thought that I would be able to achieve this. This would have never happened if I had fought this battle alone. Nobody should be alone in this journey. You could be in the company of your dreams 3 months from now! You just need a little faith and Rebeca on your team”.
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Juliana’s success story

How to beat unemployment and land a job within 3 months!


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