KeepCoding – Connect Conference 2017

I spoke at the KeepCoding Conference this year on July 8th in Madrid. We had 600 participants, mostly coders and programmers. KeepCoding is a Training Centre for elite Coders and they are now expanding to San Francisco. I have been in close partnership with them to train their coders in the recruitment strategies applied in Silicon Valley. For more information click here

Speaking alongside Douglas Crockford, the JavaScript Guru, KConnect Conference, Madrid, July 8th 2017

Douglas Crockford and Rebeca Gelenscer
Conference Rebeca Gelenscer

Trois Pommes Luxury Brands – An Evening of Career & Style Coaching for Expats

Conference Rebeca Gelenscer
Conference Rebeca Gelenscer
Conference Rebeca Gelenscer

I spoke at the Luxury Vintage Outlet of Trois Pommes on Oct 26th about starting a business and working your personal branding. I also explained the secrets surrounding job interviews and recruitment strategies. This was an event focused on professional expat women living in Switzerland. We attracted 100 participants. I invited my clients and friends to be models at the event and to walk on the catwalk. My aim was to empower real life models that are living examples of my expat community. Click here for more information.

Conference Rebeca Gelenscer

Speak Up & Lead Talks Series

I spoke about Career Transformation strategies and the challenges that expat women face in Switzerland while re-igniting their careers, in collaboration with my friend Tulia Lopes, Public Speaking Expert, on June 15th at the Marriott Hotel, Zurich. For more information click here

Intel – Career Coaching Serie

I spoke at INTEL’s HQ in Silicon Valley about Career Transformation Strategies in collaboration with Café Avante – a Career Coaching Serie with my friend Adriana Veres. We had a fantastic event, with close to 100 participants. There, I was able to coach women on Linkedin Optimization strategies, Personal Marketing & Branding techniques.

We were joined at the event by circa 10 recruiters and career experts, friends of mine, who were there to provide guidance and support in specific areas and industries, such as: Localization & Translation, Tech & Cybersecurity, Bio-Science & Medicine, Finance & Corporate roles, Retail & Creative roles and Non Profit roles.

Click here for check out the article on Adriana Veres’ blog about the event

At INTEL, HQ, Silicon Valley

Rebeca Gelenscer at INTEL, HQ, Silicon Valley
Rebeca Gelenscer

Xerox – Career Coaching Serie

I spoke at Xerox, in Silicon Valley about Resume writing techniques and Cover Letter demystification with Café Avante – another Career Coaching Serie in collaboration with my friend Adriana Veres. We had close to 70 participants.

At Xerox, Silicon Valley

Rebeca Gelenscer spoke at Xerox

Meet with Women Founder / Uncover the secrets of Localization

Conference Rebeca Gelenscer

On November 4th, I spoke to business owners in Silicon Valley about how to grow their businesses through networking, partnerships and branding techniques. I also provided them with a platform to connect with other founders in order to grow locally. This event was focused on expat women who own their businesses or who want to find a job in Silicon Valley in the field of Localization. The panelists provided expertise in Localization and talked about job opportunities for bilingual expats. We had 70 people in the room. Read more here

Conference Rebeca Gelenscer
Rebeca Gelenscer spoke at Xerox

I spoke at the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Brasilia and shared some of my insights about Skillful Influence, Professional Persuasion and Personal Branding. This was an event for experts in infrastructure projects within the public administration and my aim was to empower them with sales tools that they can use in negotiations with high level officials of the various Brazilian government agencies in order to advance with the United Nations development agenda for Brazil.


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