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“I have dedicated the past 10 years to become Silicon Valley’s leading Career Coach to allow my clients to enter any type of job market, wherever they are located. It is a joy to share my expertise to empower expats to reignite their careers and find a job they truly enjoy”.

I empower people who are trying to enter a globally competitive job market.

I help people to become knowledgeable of foreign work cultures in order to help them succeed professionally wherever they are located. I elaborate their resumes, cover letters, I provide LinkedIn optimization strategies, I prepare them for interviews, I connect them with recruiters in different industries and, in some cases, I help them start their own businesses.

I lived in the Silicon Valley and I consider it to be the most innovative and competitive job market in the world. I worked as a Recruiter in San Francisco and have also lived in Europe, Asia and South America.

I have re-invented and transformed my career and skills on a yearly basis and have learned the path to career reignition. I consider myself to be an expert in job market penetration and I can share the secrets of the recruitment industry with you.

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Selling ourselves is an art and those who can do it well, have well understood the dynamics around confidence x competence

Focusing on solutions for expats wherever they are

The most difficult thing for any person, is to feel like they lack options. We want to work and make money so that we have options. The option to send our children to a good private school, the option to fly in Business Class, the option to spend our holidays in an all inclusive resort. Every time we move out of our comfort zone or country, we lose some options. This happened to me many times. In fact, I love the fact that I had to challenge myself professionally in order to keep up with my moves. I ended up learning new skills, new languages and went from the Non-Profit, to Consulting, then I did Recruitment and now I am an Entrepreneur! I have started my own company and, believe me, I had never planned to be my own boss!

Let me share with you how I did it!

LinkedIn and Social Media are valuable friends!

Social Media Mastery & Coaching

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Download your copy of "Transform your Career Today"

Learn how to prepare yourself for life-changing job interviews!!


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