Do you want to be professionally competitive in the most innovative markets of the planet?

Should you put your career on hold just because you are not in your home country?

Are you tired of wasting time and potential earnings?


Should you hire an International Career Coach to help you find a job away from your home country? Are you planning to secure the job of your dreams this year? If the answer is yes, you might want to read further…

I help my clients reignite their careers after a career break or an international move. I assist them in their career transformation strategies. Some of my clients have been out of the job market for many years and I have been successful in my attempts to bring them back to the business world.

I focus mainly on expat women, because I am an expat myself and have been an immigrant my whole life. I know what it takes to move abroad, find a new job, acquire new skills, learn a new language and a new corporate culture.

I am the expert in career change because I successfully re-invented my career across 7 different countries within a period of 8 years! I started in the non-profit sector, then I went into consulting, then I worked in private firms and now I am an entrepreneur. I am a seasoned Human Resources (HR) professional with a Certification in HR Management from the University of Berkeley, CA. I have worked as a Recruiter in Silicon Valley where I scouted talent for the biggest tech companies of the planet. I am an expert in Networking & Personal Marketing techniques. I have started my career at the United Nations and worked in different countries around the globe serving great causes. I was always connected to my purpose and mission: INCLUDE OUTSIDERS.

I help people feel included socially and professionally wherever they are. I have coached hundreds of people in order to help them find new jobs or to help them create their own jobs. In addition to that, I offer support for young entrepreneurs and have developed Career Coaching Series in partnership with companies such as Intel, Xerox, DocuSign, KeepCoding, Linkedin and many more.

I have spent the past 10 years of my life fine tuning my methods and systems and have developed a coaching programme that will help you land the job you want, wherever you are, within the shortest period of time. Typically, my clients are successful in their job search within 3 months of working with me.

I have helped many people along the way, mainly because of my net of contacts and because I am an active networker. I belong to every major expat hub, club, group and community and this has served me very well. I focus, in particular, on Silicon Valley and on the Swiss job market.

I currently live in Switzerland, but have lived and worked in San Francisco and most of my clients are based in California, where I spend a good part of my year


Rebeca Gelencser

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Rebeca is a Career Coach for Silicon Valley and Europe. She has worked on cultural integration projects between the US and South America and has helped the expat community find career opportunities in some of the most innovative job markets of the world.

She has a vast international education and experience, she is fluent in four languages and has worked in Latin America, in Europe, in Asia and in North America. Her passion for Corporate Culture and her international background has provided her with a great competitive edge as a Human Resources professional. Rebeca also works as a part time International Career Coach and Transition Consultant for the Impact Group – a boutique Consultancy that focuses on supporting expatriates providing relocation assistance, outplacement services and leadership development.

Rebeca holds a bachelor in International Relations from the University Centre of Brasilia, Brazil; a Master in Humanitarian Action from the University of Geneva, Switzerland; and is Certified in Human Resources Management from the University of California, Berkeley.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 5 year old boy and is very engaged in her local expat community.

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